Who We Are

About Us

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Medek Laboratories is a family-owned business that specializes in innovating and groundbreaking skincare products for use by healthcare professionals.  Our comprehensive product lines are geared to assist baby formulation and skin care.

With over two decades of experience working with prestigious partners in the industry, we continue to dedicate all of our efforts and research to provide our customers with the highest quality skin-care products available. All Medek products meet the highest safety standards, comply with FDA regulations, are GMP certified, and effective.

Our Values

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At Medek Labs our values serve as our compass for all of our decisions and directs the way we manage everything we do.  We are proud that integrity, honesty and quality have always served as our core foundation and guiding light.

We at Medek Labs also take great pride in our diverse staff. Diversity is not only a principle we believe in, but we know that by bringing together a staff with different qualifications, backgrounds, and experiences we have created a company with more talent,  a wider range of skills and better problem solving skills.